Lot of time...

2010-10-01 18:07:40 by robomanus

Lot of time passed. I graduated from schoold and now I'm a student in the Academy of Music in Lodz. I have so many things to do, so I don't have much time for composing new pieces. But I'm working on a Symphonic Poem and Violin Concert, so maybe I will finish them soon. Of course I will put them here, so you can hear them. Eh... I'm so tired. Cheers from Poland.

New shool year, new work.

2009-10-08 13:30:23 by robomanus

I won the Orchestration Contest here in audio forum! That's one of the great new messages that has arrived in this new shool year. I'm now working on something for another competition in Poland. New piece must have something from Chopin. I will do my best and sure, when I finish I will put here wht I've done. I wish everyone the best. Good luck! :D

Some new work :)

2009-08-18 03:16:28 by robomanus

I've started a collaboration with SercetOfSounds user and my work is to make some strings to his hip-hop recording. Why not? :D


2009-08-09 15:29:33 by robomanus

The holidays are ending... Heh... But I had my 18 and I'm so happy! :D I'm working on something really big now, but this is a surprise for my girlfriend. I hope she'll like it :D