New shool year, new work.

2009-10-08 13:30:23 by robomanus

I won the Orchestration Contest here in audio forum! That's one of the great new messages that has arrived in this new shool year. I'm now working on something for another competition in Poland. New piece must have something from Chopin. I will do my best and sure, when I finish I will put here wht I've done. I wish everyone the best. Good luck! :D


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2009-12-06 17:23:13

Congratulations! You have lots of talent! :)

Good luck in your new project.


2010-02-20 21:17:15

Dude, I've gotta be really serious with you.
You are legendary, your music is awe inspiring and I wish you great success in what you do!


2010-02-20 21:40:35

I absolutely love your classical songs, keep it up !


2010-02-25 14:17:47

Fajnie zobaczyc na newgroundzie kogo%u015B z Polski i na dodatek kogo%u015B kto robi tak fajn%u0105 muzyke jak ty. Jeste%u015B wielki, trzymaj tak dalej.


2010-02-26 23:06:30

You. Are. GOD.
Well maybe not in the literal sense... but then again, how should I know? I'm not god!
Anways your music gives me hope in the human race that music isn't dead. No pressure right?
I wish I could write scores like you! One of my pieces is trailing a little behind you on the classical section (not for long, in all probability).
Keep on doing your music!
If you ever need collaboration, I play some pretty random instruments. Native American Flute anyone?