Entry #4

Lot of time...

2010-10-01 18:07:40 by robomanus

Lot of time passed. I graduated from schoold and now I'm a student in the Academy of Music in Lodz. I have so many things to do, so I don't have much time for composing new pieces. But I'm working on a Symphonic Poem and Violin Concert, so maybe I will finish them soon. Of course I will put them here, so you can hear them. Eh... I'm so tired. Cheers from Poland.


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2011-08-25 11:13:30

You don't seem to belong on Newgrounds... Because you are too awesome.


2011-11-07 01:02:44

I know the feeling. But you have to find a platform and stick to it. Good artists never belong. (It's sad really. For them I mean) People understand nothing until you are dead. Always too late and I bet we all laugh in our graves and say what a bunch of slow pocks. But hey it's greener on the other side of life. So I'm glad to be me.


2012-11-01 12:34:40

I care!


2013-12-02 12:09:01

I still care!